Organize Support

Never let another support request slip through the cracks. Tender organizes your support in a simple way that makes sure you respond to every customer.

Reply to every support request

Tender keeps track of every support discussion and notifies you when a customer is waiting for a reply by filing the discussion in your inbox. No work from you and every customer gets the support they deserve. We even keep track of how long your customers are waiting for a response so you can put a number to your customer service.


Organize discussions with queues

Drag and drop discussions into queues. Queues allow you to group issues by task, department, person responsible, severity, or however you work best. Queues can send out email notifications whenever issues are added to them so everyone stays in the loop.

Queue Urgent

Grows with your needs

Just a one person shop? Just look at your inbox and you're all set! As your operations grow, and you start to add more people, adding, renaming and removing queues is easy. You can even assign people to certain queues, so that Marc always knows to take care of billing, and Sandra, your developer can focus on the more hairy stuff.

Queue Urgent

Organization doesn't have to be a chore

We try hard to make sure that you don't have to think about organizing your support requests. That's why organization is so simple in Tender. There's no manuals to study or hidden pages that only certain people can see. All support members see the same lists of issues so the focus stays on your customers, not the software.