Help Customers

The best kind of support is the kind you don't have to give. That's why we take so much time building a smart Knowledge Base so your customers can help themselves.

Create a knowledge base for your customers

Tender gives you the power of a fully featured knowledge base to help your customers help themselves. Keep your articles in our system and we give you powerful search and tight integration with the rest of the system.

Knowledge Base

Public discussion area

Each Tender site shows public issues in a forum-like experience for your customers. Give your customers the ability to help each other and discuss your product. They can search known problems and chime in on feature requests and ideas. And if you don't want to offer forums, you don't have to: you can keep all your support private too.


Autosuggest keeps support requests out of your inbox

After customers type in their support request, our autosuggest system analyzes their issue and offers articles from your knowledge base to help solve their problem. You can tweak the results by tagging articles with keywords and adding stop words (commonly used words that don't count towards searching) tailored for your business.


Smart email autoresponses

If you like, you can send autoreplies to your customers after they've filed a support issue. Tender's autoresponse feature is a little better than most—you have the power to fully customize what gets sent out, where the links are placed, and even include links to autosuggested articles based on their support request!